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"The longer you stay away from Communion, the more your soul will become weak, and in the end you will become dangerously indifferent."

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"Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall."

F. Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby)

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Some girls cry over losing a boyfriend, I cry over football.

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"and where you go, we’ll follow"

↳ american outlaws

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Hillsong Worship - I Believe


Hillsong Worship - I Believe

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One time in scripture, when the Israelites were facing an impossible situation, God told them, “Hold your peace. Remain at rest, and I will fight your battles.” Notice there was a condition, something the Israelites had to do. It’s the same for us today. Hold your peace. That indicates something is trying to take it away—thoughts of worry, fear, anxiety. You might think, “What if it doesn’t happen? What am I going to do?” If you will just stay in peace, the Creator of the universe, the Most High God will go to work on your behalf.

Remember, nothing can stand against our God. He has all power. He stopped the sun for Joshua. He closed the mouths of hungry lions for Daniel. Whatever you face in life, if you will just hold your peace and remain at rest, God promises He will fight your battles and lead you into everlasting victory!

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Dragon Unicorn Couple by ShaidySkyDesign
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You ask me “What’s the the greatest act of faith?” To me is to look in the mirror of God’s word, and see all my faults, all my sin, all my shortcomings and to believe that God loves me exactly as he says he does.

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